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The Birth of our fashion business

Pretty self explanatory from here, and from what you see in this stories headline is

true to light indeed.. Welcome everyone and salutations ya'll!

Today we will touch on the little bit of our music news that includes the optimization

of our current brand new sneaker line and expanding clothing line. And as well as other super cool things to bring to light too..



Alright so here's the scoop. Perhaps you just might be flabbergasted or taken aback, or maybe even slightly suddenly surprised about this whole thing. Maybe even, would like to ask a boat ton of questions. Etc. Whatever it is, there's no need to worry because fortunately for all of you. Most of your questions have already been answered. Such as, free shipping, return policies, all of that jazz. Yes indeed 1000%, There's free shipping, free returns, and there is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Our fashion business is no joke ;)

This means, if any of your ordered shoes don't fit you for some reason, or if there's something else going on. You will be in goods.. (AllState - with a deep voice), lol well maybe not exactly like Allstate cause they're a Car insurance company, however you get the point.

Another cool thing is, When you order from our clothing line apparel store. You can instantly download our music that comes with purchases.. So that means, for every purchase of our clothing it comes with unreleased music or released music, such as; Singles, EPs, Albums, Mixtapes, Etc.

Latest releases that are available on the market, or that can also include deluxe premiums. That aren't available anywhere else, accept for additions that you see there as bonuses.

The limits?? Ha! There are no limits.. And there are none allowed. ;)



Want in on this deal? Give us a message either by email, social media such as facebook or twitter, instagram. Or snapchat us. Whichever method you'd prefer.

Our facebook way is - -

Alright! And now that I got your attention.

This is a complete apparel series campaign. However, the new shoes are available for a limited time and there is a countdown timer for there availability. And that is only cause of there exclusivity. Other than that, it is official no doubt and if you're up to par then come to see whats up... All the best, With much love #FELUP - We didn't fall down, We Fel-Up!


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