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What we do here in the Music Management & Music Production of E.L.U.P, is to connect artists whom are in search of artistic development and artists who are both serious & want to be part of the music movements progression (Work with). As well as music services such as: Music Production, Artist Promos, publicity events, recording sessions, Sound Engineering, and more of which that the music movement is supposed to do for the artists. Also in which for the people/fans & supporters of E.L.U.P that "we" both me & my fellow artists A.K.A Teammates* make this music, Art, and Entertaiment or whichever comes first for our families and them. Especially, as a music movement business 100%. Thus, the drive & strive (Ultimate long term-Goal), on behalf of me & the artists of this music movements management is to bring inspiration, positivity, Love & knowledge, and even a gloabal connection as well as Innovation in growth to be saught to establish in the works that "we" craft for the people in which of a business state of mind that we can all empathize on and especially!! to make good music for the world!. For All! whom are *Empirical*.... 



Live in the headquarters

Artistic Development


Hotel Vernon Showcase
Live on the road

Social Media Management

The ultimate objective, the effective effort in ones move is where this particular subject leads to towards the artists that are part and really do f***k with the music movement as well as the managing part of it that said lolz :D 100%. . Here is further more, where many of the fellow artists & those who work with as well as part of the movement to not just seek artist promos (artist exposure), but to also personally develop & hone in on their true potential's ultimately. On that note thats where the ultimate long term-goal meets with the artists development to as how the works are to be shared with the people who listen, vibe, wanna cop, and even be part of the movement themselves is manifested. And in many ways in Versatility truth be told.. Therefore, in the process as well as the progress can both expand flexibly with of our artists development in multiple ways possible. All in which can out-reach to where the Teams* ultimate long-term goal is.. 

How the movement finds growth in many ways for the artists of the movement then transitioning into both management & the music  movement productions in our artists artistic development. Now this is where growth establishes the stems  (Tree Leaves), meaning in which the growth in the "Publicity", of the music movement is recognized. These aspects go hand-in-hand.. 

This is because, not only development is actualized, And Fundamental Music Marketing is Practiced as well as applied. Also the effective efforts are applied much into the "work", the crafts, A.K.A the *dreams works* to have the movement push these energies out to the people. Even ultimately the world.. Ya know?  * Feel my Passion, Our! Passion! *. And so that said, this is where your gunna hear me say much often to, * Pursue your purpose w/ Passion *.. You see how this All goes in truth to the Publicity?. The Courage in all this, overall welcomes the growth here...

This is the now bloomed area where the growth has then took flight. In meaning and reference to the Tree analogy* is structured. Especially in the very same light, growth measures to the social media establishment. The management of that is brought to life to the expansion of our crafts. So each of us is to have our very own unique social media establishment, whether if is on Facebook, Twitter, whatever Etc. Whichever one comes first in ANY of the social media sites that bear a well accommodating presence of various people's.. Now this is where now ALL of our Individual uniqueness's come into play, giving rise to expose ALL of our Unique Potential's very much along with that.. Now thats!! Social media management at its finest ;) 

Work-Ethic is to be both actualized & Recognized here amongst us artists of the music movement progression... Thus, to manifest Global connection & establishment for our fellow supporters & fans 100%.. Ultimately Realizing that we are.. 



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