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The Real Kíng Zerø MA

Hi i go by Kíng Zerø. I'm an artist making music out of Worcester, MA. You All Have Talent. check me out on youtube @ RMA Kíng Zerø. Never Give Up. #YAHT

Jose Carasquillo

Jose, (Kiaruo - Tet The King - 3D) Is an overall member, artist, & Lyricist of the Music movement. Up to par partnered as well as a companion to the ultimate endeavors of my own musical contribution. His very own individualism and open-mindedness for both his own unique music movement, (Resist Revolution; Leader and founder) and able to both collaborate, supportive role, an placement of my music movement as well as his journey to provide a weird unique hardcore feel in light of "revolution"

Joe DJFnFn

I am a DJ, Serial Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Event Planner, Promoter, and Musicpreneur


DjWhizPk (Parker A. Lewis) Owner/Founder & DJ| Music Producer| Sound Engineer; Of *Empirical Leader Universe Productions* Music Movement (E.L.U.P). & DJ of "Seven Ave Radio". Parker's Professional DJ career began once he founded the Music movement of #ELUP 2 years before, he learned about DJing and Music Production. Between Music Production & SongWriting that all took place from the time he was 9 up to 15 years of age.. His career really started from the year 2012.

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