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DP's Dollar Today

Here is the scoop!!!! After a long time coming...

So here we are on a brand new day today Live at the Grand opening of DP Dollar and yes it is a store.

And this is not just any store, it is quite a store that I have not been familiar with in terms of welcoming the sounds of a DJ let alone an entertainment provided in such a performing sense.

It is quite interesting in fact. From Worcester, Spencer I have been around the ways but not like this. Not like this.

Especially for any kind of thriving DJing Business. Speaking of which, for those of you whom I am vouching for

Corona Virus! has severely impacted a multiplex of a handful of various businesses and what is truly a grand master art of resilience is being able to still push through no matter how thick the clouds of uncertainty is...

This is also including our beloved DJ circuit and our avenues of journey and afloat workings. 1000%

This is your universal whizard and I approve of this message..


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