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2016-2017SevenAveRadio Live Show Launch!

Greetings folks & family, fellow supporters, artists, listeners/buyers all of you awesome folks :D

I hope you guys has had a great year this year and if not then I hope your days ahead has something truly amazing awaiting for you. Especially for families, people, and or certain people who were just having it rough throughout this years time :( Yes, I am with you on that 100% I can relate, cause we all go through struggling times. . Well oh contrary in the midst of implementing that utmost Peace, Love, Positivity, & Unity for not my very own endeavors. But in full inspiration for many of you whom just need that source of inspiration from somewhere, somehow, from someone. You fellows might wonder, " What does any of what i just mentioned have anything to do with this upcoming news? " Am I right?! lol :) Well to be honest, if any of you and including those of you who have been and are even now participating in my Radio shows. I both make music, mix music, produce music, and so forth in light of contributing HIGH Quality messages throughout my crafts creations, Thus my musical works in my progression are practiced and performed for many to both, Enjoy, inspire, gain knowledge to learn something new that can be dedicated in pursuing, find and or nurture love in many ways. Also going even further than that. But anyway, Like many of my shows and then some more lord willing. Cause I Enjoy to provide such great good music for many of you to accommodate, share with your friends & family, and or whomever about so'n so and X'Y'n Z in case of getting the word out type stuff you know what i mean ;) I do my best to provide as much GREAT energy there as necessary 110%. That even goes true to those i work with in my career. Well on that legit note, I truly hope to have many of you guys able to be part of something spectacular without a doubt. And with that have access to the availability of great good music from versatile sources...

This is all in much love sincerely from your MusicManDj;

DjWhizPk (Parker A. Lewis)

P.S - Dont forget to.. *Stay Connected* :)

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