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DJ for Hire (Small Weddings, Birthday's, Ceremonies, Events, Parties, Etc)

Request your gig. And put in your very own quote!

Aye salutations folks and fam, fellow music movement supporters, listeners, artists, producers, etc. You already know the whole enchilada lol :D . . So!!, here with this news & newsletter of course I am not sure how many of you are already up to par with my websites ability to accept gig quotes for initiating bookings for those aiming to request their very own DJ for their particular event at a smooth giving time of course. However without any questions asked an without further ado, I truly believe positively optimistically that...Various inquiries are accepted upon request. Undeniably!100% either by shifting through the websites *DJ Bookings Page* via - . . .

OR, by visiting this event planning business side of the Music movements control panel of managing/scheduling booked events upon DJ requests via - at; . . . .

Contact information is also already contributed for any questions and or concerns on behalf of these event(s) organizatings. If you feel as though you'd like to come together.. right now.... Over me O:) lol. Well, we/I can definitely without a dught take care of what is necessary . .

Other than that, please feel free to leave any informaton you might have on what musics you'd like, music customization upon designing, what specific DJ services will you be looking for, specific musicalrequiremnts, and other important professional servicing accomendations you'd like to be implemented within bookings.. I am looking forward to working with many upon this feet. And to the grace of god shall we provide & contribute as well as exhibit maximum musical assistance with servces that we can surely present our best! On that sincere note, #MuchVibes #MuchLove #MuchBlessings

DjWhizPk (Parker A. Lewis) #ELUP #SevenAveRadio

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