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Aye folks an Fam, i got yall this here is a Tribute Collection Pk of all the great legends from back in the day.. Ya know for those who favor listening to some Marvin Gaye, Jimi Hendrix, B.B.King, Whiteny Houston, Etc ya know what i mean folks lolz :D . . . 
Well this is right collection Playlist for just that!.. And with these crafts i hope to bring yall that right on Good o'l Rock'NRoll old time flavor.. This is also something that i took my time to create too, i wanna make sure that all my peoples and fellow music supporters and listeners get a good opportunity to hear something new that im very positive not many has heard before.. And in other words, something different.... And that being said, i hope really that many of yall can enjoy this wonderful musical experience :D . . From your local *Music-ManDj*, DjWhizPk 

Old Legends Classical's; Collection Pk

SKU: 1234789
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