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Welcome to T.D.E.M Collection* - and I'm positive that you might be wondering what (T.D.E.M), even stands for right?. Well, it actually stands for (Techno, Dance, Electro Music). And sometimes it can be a little off the chains extra club-like and Industrial-like genres in the fusion as well.. Now of this mixtape-collection, It started off as an idea to bring Techno, Etc into a combination with what we all know as the Club and artists/Producers & Deejay's main genre or category in the field of music.. ' EDM ' thats the main roots and structure of the mixtape-collections field of music genres. Thing is there's more to the whole combination in itself once the addition of Techno comes into fruition.

E.L.U.P FM's New House;The T.D.E.M Collection

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  • This is a mixtape-collection. A collection of mutliple mixed tracks put together on a 18+ music playlist. Yes you can shift between a multiple choice of music according to the mixtape-collections brand of music. 

    The actual CD sizes, (depending on the exact number of tracks each Music CD can hold) can be anywhere between 5-10 tracks per CD. From the original Copy of the Mixtape-Collection. So just want to have that honesty there for the kind of CD's you'll be using. Now you can listen to the [Full] mixtape-Collection either on this exact site or on my soundclud@ - . . . Stay connected100% 

  • If you somehow come across your not interested with your mixtape-collection copy. Or for some reason you find that your copy isn't functioning like it should be. You can definitely see that you'll get a 100% money-back guarentee plus+ Return.. For any questions, info, Etc for this kind of thing and or anything else you can contact me by e-mail here@ - - Much love Your MusicManDj; DjWhizPk 

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