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Welcome fellow supporters, listeners, and even fellow artists. Heres what your MusicManDj has for yall now for this blazin summer of 2016. As promised i've put together the long awaited crafts of the Music Movement Dreams works.. Finally!! :D lolz. Anyway, so with this project many will discover that this is a multi-genre focus of plenty of that Club style, dancy, groovy vibe filled creation. Last but not surely least, Based from the last Audio EP Single from last year and the New EP Single that was just released recently and whats coming next. They'll be much excitement available for many's enjoyment as well as serine here 100%. . So come together ya'll! for this wonderful musical summer in color ;) and stay connected for more content and updates either here on the cloud or directly@ - 

Adventure of the Musical Influence Act 2 EP

SKU: 160143752
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